Monday, 7 March 2011

Something different

No cards today I wanted to show you the charm braclet and necklace I made useing silver clay and loads of Stampin' Up! stamps I just found lying around in my cupboard (I wonder where they all came from lol), I had so much fun seeing which stamps had great pattern's on for jewellery that I got carried away, I got the idea from my friend and upline Abi she sent me a bracelet for my birthday with charm's she had made using SU stamp's and silver clay so I just added a few of my own and put them on the new bracelet my hubby got me, now I jingle everywhere I go.

Now a little hint for hubby what I really need next time you buy me a present is some enamels for silver clay so the flowers on my necklace can have colour


  1. That looks fab! love the hint too hope you posted it on his fb page too lol :)

  2. Great idea, even more reason to buy more stamps lol