Monday, 31 October 2011

Minnie cake

Here's my attempt at cake decorating, Charlotte's a little obsessed with Minnie mouse so this was what I came up with for her, she again decided I wasn't upto the job and decided she should *help* so she took control of the butterflies only smudging a little of the writing lol,of course you can see it very well but the cake was sprinkled with edible glitter as Charlotte's a typical girl and loves anything sparkly.


  1. very cool! might have to bring back some minnie ears for her x

  2. that would be cool was going to make her some but I've ran out of black card, must add that to next order when hubby lets me order again, better yet see if you can find a minnie to take a picture of, wish I could come but kids couldn't get time of school :(

  3. WoW!! You're much better than me with icing, I'd better stick with paper.