Sunday, 1 March 2009

No Cards today just my Girls

Yesterday was a busy day for us, We had to get to rehersals for my daughters dance show for 9am in the morning finished rehersals at 12.30pm and had to be back by 2pm for the show, This is my oldest Maria in her ballet tutu, it was a Pirate theme. Her Dad tell's me she did well I only saw a little of it :( as I was chaparone for the boys group.

This was her tap costume which I missed completly :,(

And Maria's Jazz dance was a High school musical dance which she hated lol, I saw a little of this one from the wings but had to get the noisy boys back to their dressing rooms.

Here's Ella in her ballet tutu I missed both her dance's completly but at least I got to see her dance at the rehersals.

And finally this is her in her tap costume, now I'm desperate to see the DVD, what I saw of the show was amazing there was girls from as young as 2 years old and even a adult tap group of mothers dancing with their sons and daughters.
And a huge big Thanks to my very patient husband who looked after the rest of our children while I was at the rehersals andacted as chauffer for the day, also to my parents who looked after my other children including my 16 month old daughter, for the 4 hour show, we were all exhausted by time the end of the show with Ella even falling asleep at the dinner table lol.
Must now finish the thank you cards for the dance teachers and family who helped us.

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